Tuesday, May 13, 2014

SharePoint Wiki Library View Issue

A coworker encountered something very strange a few days ago, and I thought it warranted a blog post.  He was migrating documents from a SharePoint 2010 document library into a SharePoint 2013 library.  He noticed that after he moved the files, when he would click on the link to the new library, the default view would actually show up as a wiki page, instead of simply listing the contents of library.  He tied changing the default view and playing around with the library settings, but nothing helped.

When I took a look at it, I noticed that there was a document that was moved to the library called "home.html".  That's when it clicked.

In SharePoint 2013, if you are using a wiki page library and there is a page in the library called "home" or "default", the wiki will default to opening this page from all site contents, instead of the all pages list view.

This would also apply to the Site Pages library.  If you have a page stored with the name "default", it will automatically pull this page up instead of the library. Simply rename this file to something else, and the link to the site pages will work correctly again.

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